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Our Contemporary Conceptual Art

Check out the galleries below to see a sample of artwork that shows the range of Amanda's art from four different categories: landscape, cyanotype, abstract and sculpture.

artist Amanda Porter painting abstract landscape


Traditionally landscapes are mountains, rivers, trees, and sky but when I look at a landscape, I see color, line, shape, and texture.

Mountain of Flags
Narrow Valley
Huang Nan Mountain I (黄南山)
Huang Nan Mountain II (黄南山)
Dry Bones in the Wasteland
White Sands
Stairway to the Sky
Desert Dusk
White Sands National Park


Also known as sun prints, this alternative photography method uses light-sensitive fabric combined with objects or photo negatives to create a print when exposed to sunlight. There are endless possibilities.

Mother and Child
Sitting on the Steps
Memories of a Shared Meal
Falling Seeds
Spirit of the Desert
Prickly Shadow
Fading Bones
Death of a Thistle


There is more to life than what we see, there are things we think, imagine and feel that words alone cannot capture. Things better “said” with abstract art.

2020 Reflections
Connection 联系
Grief 160
Before the Loss (Grief 160 series)
Death Day (Grief 160 series)
First Sign of Hope (Grief 160 series)
First Sign of Anger (Grief 160 series)


Sculpture can be made from anything, the only thing it must have is three dimensions.

Relationship 关系
Self Portrait III
Come Alive
Into the Deep
Tibetan Village
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