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Cyanotype Commissions

I offer two different types of cyanotype commissions: Heirloom & Memories

Heirloom Commissions

Heirloom commissions are a great way to preserve or share family heirlooms or other meaningful objects.

The size, shape, condition of object will all have to be evaluated to determine viability for each commission but LOTS of things can make awesome cyanotypes.

I can take a variety of objects such as:

 Knit, Crochet, or Lace

Pillowcases, tablecloths, clothes, handkerchiefs, potholders, coasters, etc

Translucent Glassware

Vases, bowls, coasters, stained glass, mugs, candlesticks, etc.

Jewelry and Accessories

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, glasses, watches, pipes, keys and keychains, socks, ties, hair ties, dog tags, etc.


Legos, action figures, blocks, marbles, yoyos, stencils, crayons, animal figurines, alphabet magnets, etc.

An Heirloom Commission is a great way

  • To take a dingy old object and give it new life.

  • To take something vintage that maybe isn’t your style and make it contemporary. 

  • To take an object lots of people have an attachment to and make multiples so everyone can have a piece.

  • To capture a season in you or your child’s life in an artwork to make it easier to let go objects you no longer need.

  • To memorialize a person with an image that captures the items they wore or used regularly.


Book Your Heirloom Commission

Prices start at $46 and go up depending on size, quantity, matting, timeline and includes a 20% commission fee. 

Sales tax and shipping fees may also apply.


Memory Commissions

Memory Commissions are a great way to preserve and share memories in a unique way. We all take photos throughout our lives, but they usually live on our devices and platforms. Significant moments and memories can be turned into art that you hang on a wall or give as a gift. I can take your photo and turn it in to a cyanotype making a unique and beautiful way to display your memories.


I can do this with a variety of photos:

  • Family photos not taken by a professional photographer

  • Old photos of all kinds even black and white and slides

  • Photos with friends

  • Candid photos

  • Event photos not taken by a professional photographer

  • Pet photos

  • Photos of significant homes or buildings

Book Your Memory Commission

Prices start at $46 and go up depending on size, quantity, matting, timeline and includes a 20% commission fee. 

Sales tax and shipping fees may also apply.

How It Works

Step 01.

You decide you want to commission a cyanotype and submit the inquiry form.

Step 04.

Once the object or photo is in my possession, I will take 1-2 weeks to create the cyanotype and mat it. Once the cyanotype is made, I will send a photo of the progress.

Step 02.

 I will contact you back within a week and set up a 30min. zoom call to receive a quote and finalize details of the commission agreement. During the call I will need to see the object or photo so I can assess the viability of it for the cyanotype process.

Step 05.

Upon compeletion of the matted cyanotype I will send a photo via email, and you send the rest of the payment including shipping.

Step 03.

I email you the commission agreement which you then sign and send back along with a payment of 50% of the agreed upon price. mail me the object or send me the photo.

Step 06.

Once payment is received, I will ship the artwork (and object) to you. If you are in Utah's Weber or Davis counties, I can hand deliver the work.

Commission Form

What Type of Commission Would You Like?
Type of Object:
Memory: Photo Size
Is this a gift?
Was this photo taken by a professional photographer?
Do you have permission to use this photo?

Thanks for submitting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cyanotype Commissions Details

All photos submitted need to be taken by you or be a photo you own or have permission to use.

I will not make a cyanotype of a photo taken by a professional photographer.


No landscape or wildlife photos.

Commissions are only being accepted for those currently in the U.S. 

Artist, Amanda Porter

Amanda has been making cyanotypes for the past 5 years. She carefully hand develops each one outdoors using the sunlight to expose the image. To learn more about the cyanotype process click here.

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