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About UBCA

Unaccustomed Beauty Contemporary Art seeks to capture what is often overlooked, providing a different perspective to reveal beauty in unaccustomed places. UBCA is currently a solo operation run by Amanda Porter with the purpose of sharing her artwork with the world. The art you see here is contemporary art, all original, one-of-a-kind pieces made by Amanda.

Learn more about the artist by reading below and on our blog.

Artist Bio

Amanda Porter

My passion for new experiences, ideas and perspectives has led me far and wide. Traveling and living in different countries has broadened my horizons and given inspiration and insight to pour into my art. Majoring in Fine Arts at Utah State University was just the beginning. Since then, I have been developing my style and skills as a contemporary and conceptual artist and have exhibited work in the U.S., Canada and China. With a heart to learn and understand the world I have pursued foreign language and culture studies, theological education, and most recently completed a Masters in Arts Administration at Southern Utah University. Currently I am combining all my knowledge and experience into running an arts business and actively creating art from my home studio in West Haven, Utah with the company of my studio dog Stanley.



Life has taught me to find beauty in unexpected places. The more I learn and travel, the more ways I find there are to see and understand the world. I channel my vision and creativity into my art where I explore different themes of landscape and place, time and memory, change and transition. As a contemporary multidisciplinary artist, I use a variety of art forms and materials, whatever I feel best expresses the message of the work. My standard tools are color, shape and abstraction. I create to connect with and inspire others so they too can broaden their horizons and gain a new perspective.

Studio Dog Bio


Hi! My name is Stanley. I’m an eleven-year-old golden retriever who spends time in an art studio helping my mom. She could not do what she does without me. I am a BIG help as I try and carry bags and packages of supplies, oversee the art projects and help with clean up. She is never alone as she works, and I make sure she receives helpful feedback. When we aren’t hard at work making art we cuddle, go for walks, and play.

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