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Who Am I?

A common question, especially when you come across a new website or account on social media, who is this person? As an artist putting myself out there to the world, it’s a question I need to answer… who am I?

Not the easiest to do! Mainly because a person can be so many things.

We can often be identified and described by jobs, titles, or roles we have in life. In that case, I am a grad student, food delivery driver, artist, dog owner, sister, daughter and friend.

We can also be known for our interests and the ways we spend our time and money. Making me a nature lover, traveler, national park geek, Dr. Pepper addict, Sci-Fi movie/tv watcher, tea drinker, postcard collector, hockey fan, museum buff and art enthusiast.

I am also an American and a Canadian. I have been a foreigner and an expatriate. I am a woman. I am an adult. I am single. I am white. I am a redhead. I am a Christian. There are lots of ways to describe ourselves. Humans are complex creatures. Perhaps as you look at all the things listed there are some things we have in common and others that are different.

We can also be known, on a deeper level, by our values, the things we care about and are important to us.

I value health—physical, mental, spiritual—which has led me to value balance. To live within my limitations, not rush, trying not to overextend myself, being aware of my needs and do what I can to meet them including asking for help.

I value learning—intellectual and experiential—which includes a value for humility and growth. I strive to be humble and open to new knowledge, new skills and new experiences. It’s often by these things that we grow, adapt and change.

I also value creativity and imagination. To think beyond “the box”, experimenting, questioning, reshaping and innovating. To try something new and then try again, being persistent and curious interested in the process as much as the outcome.

There is much more I could share but for now, that is a taste, of who I am.

Yours truly, Amanda Porter,

(complex human being)


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