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Layton, Utah, USA

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A Few More Things

If you're wanting to learn more about us, check out these frequently asked questions about Unaccustomed Beauty Contemporary Art.

Who Are You?

Hi! I’m Amanda Porter, an American/Canadian artist who finds beauty in a variety of places and makes contemporary art of all kinds about it. It’s nice to meet you! You can find out more about me here on the blog.  

Where Are You Located?

I am located in Layton, Utah which is in Davis County and just north of Salt Lake City, Utah. You can find me on this map

Who Is Stanley?

Stanley is the only man in my life. My constant companion. Is he a husband? Nope. Boyfriend? Son? Nope! He’s my golden retriever! Learn more about him here as well as on my Instagram where he makes regular appearances.

What's A Cyanotype?

One of the art forms I use is called cyanotype which is also known as a sun print.

It is an alternative type of photography that uses paper or fabric that’s been treated with photosensitive chemicals. You can learn more on my blog

What’s Conceptual Art?

Conceptual art is an art where the concept of the work, the idea or meaning it represents, is as important or more important than how the art looks.

For more about conceptual art check out what Artland has to share about it.

Is Your Art For Sale?

I am planning on opening a shop to sell work from this site but am not ready for that step yet. However, if you see something you like here or on my Instagram please contact me. 

Do You Take Commissions?

At this time, I do not take commissions, but you can always reach out with a request. It may be possible in the future.

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