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Who is Stanley?

Stanley is my companion, my studio buddy, my fur baby!

He is an eight-year-old golden retriever that I got while living and studying in China. A friend of mine met him while walking down the street and the owners were no longer able to take care of the puppy and so he became mine! Stanley was just the companion I needed while living far from home.

He grew up in an apartment and so it was a big adjustment when we moved back to the U.S. to live in a house with a backyard and a doggie door. He still always peeks his head through the dog door before he goes in or out. Stanley loves to go for walks, to cuddle, and to carry anything he can around in his mouth - he loves to carry the mail and help with groceries.

Stanley often spends time in the studio watching me work and likes to lay on the lawn guarding me while I make cyanotypes outside. One of Stanley’s favourite places to go is Antelope Island State Park where he can run circles in the sand and watch the sunsets over the Great Salt Lake. Since he has such a thick fluffy coat, he loves the fall and winter weather. (Snow is the best!) But his favorite holiday is July 4th as he has excellent watermelon and corn on the cob nibbling skills and, unlike other dogs, Stanley loves watching fireworks.

For more photos and videos of studio dog Stanley check out my Instagram.

Yours Truly, Amanda Porter

(dog mom)


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